Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's going to be a mess!

This is a cellphone photo I just received from my 24 year old stepdaughter.  It is looking out our bedroom window at the water that is against the house and rising from the storm surge.  She is frantically moving stuff higher in the house.  The remnants of the eye are at the house now so I am hoping the wind will soon shift and the water will recede.  Our home is located on a tributary of the Pamlico Sound so the strong winds from the East are piling up water on the West side of the Sound/Bay.  I was hoping the weaker than expected storm would not cause any problems but the direct hit made up for it.   Power has been out since yesterday evening.  It's very frustrating not being there.  Now the whole mess is heading up this way so it's going to be a rainy one for sure.  Looks like Nationwide will be getting a call this week.  (Oh, and I just got a text that a tree fell across my nice garden shed that you can see in one of the previous hurricane pics that I posted a day or two ago)

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