Thursday, August 25, 2011


Wow, first it has been severe thunderstorms, then an earthquake, and now it looks like a hurricane.  Hurricane Irene is now forecast to make landfall right over my home in coastal North Carolina (Stonewall, NC) Saturday afternoon then it is supposed to be here in the Baltimore area not long after that.  The governor of Maryland just declared a state of emergency for Maryland and they are talking about possible 100 year flooding which will flood downtown Baltimore.  I'm sure the University of Maryland Medical Center, where I work, will be going into emergency status soon so I'm sure I will be there for several days.  Best place to be though if the power goes out here.  I have a daughter, a dog and a neighbor at my home down in NC though that I am very worried about and will probably be urging to pack up and move inland.  Below is a pic that I took out my back patio in 2003 during the last hurricane in NC.  It was only a Catagory 1 and the water rose about 8 feet and made it all the way up to the foundation of my house.  Also lost several large trees during that last one.

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