Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Wow, we just had a 5.9 magnitude earthquake here in downtown Baltimore!  I was sitting on the couch watching TV when I heard a roaring noise (looked out the window to see if it was the wind) and felt the couch moving forward and backward quite a bit (2 full forward and back cycles each second).  This lasted about 10 or 15 seconds then I heard a louder bang, stood up and realized the whole building was moving (at a slightly slower but stronger cycle than before) then watched the light poles out in our atrium swaying back and forth a LOT (the pic is my view looking out - there are 6 of those light poles out there).  Lasted about 30 seconds total.  The first thing I thought was "we never have earthquakes out here" then I thought "Oh God, I hope DC didn't just get nuked" (I'm only about 40 miles away).  I was too busy standing under a doorframe and wondering if this was IT to grab my camera and switch it to video but I'm ready now if we have any aftershocks:o).  If we have another one and the building collapses, have them pull the memory card from my camera and you will find exciting video of the whole thing.

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