Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bernie and Polly

Tom's daily blog has turned into Tom's monthly blog lately.  Work, work, work is what life consists of right now and, as I was driving home wondering if all this work is worth it when there is a big world to see out there, I run across Bernie Harberts.

I met this guy today as he was cruising down the road near my home.  His name is Bernie Harberts and he cruises the US with his mule and wagon.  From just the few minutes I talked to the guy I found him to be wonderful and gracious.  He gave me a card to his website so I came home and did a little Googling (Googleing?).  Turns out he sailed around the world in the late 90's then he came home and hit the road with mule and wagon.  Ended up traveling from here (Oriental, NC on the coast) to San Diego, CA, a 3500 mile trip by mule then they travelled from Mexico to Canada.  He also spent last year exploring Nova Scotia by mule and wagon.  Somewhere in all of that he also bicycled around Tasmania.  I would love to sit down and talk to him more some day about his adventures and the differences between solo ocean voyaging with its isolation vs. his travels by mule/wagon with interested people coming up to him all the time.  He has a book and video on his website that I just ordered.  Check him out at www.riverearth.com