Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bread 2

 I had so much fun making bread yesterday I just had to do it again today to learn from my mistakes.   Today was perfect.  I made two loaves and on one I decided to get fancy making 3 strands and weaving them.  Both loaves are great and I had a blast again.  It's a lot cheaper than buying bread from the store and it's not hard at all.  The only thing I might try next time is to use 'bread' flour instead of all purpose flour.   I would get more 'rise' but the bread flour costs almost 3 times as much.  I'm sure I will stick with the cheaper route as I am very pleased with what I got today.  First pic is just before going in the oven, after letting the loaves rise for about 30 minutes.  The second pic is right out of the oven.  I got the golden color by spraying the loaves with cooking spray just before going in and the last one is the end cut off (after I had eaten what I cut off).

(Taken with E-PL1 with Panasonic 20/1.7 lens - ISO 500, f3.5 @ 1/30s)

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