Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tapering Harvest

This is one of my recent harvests.  My vegetable planters have suffered terribly during our hot weather and I have lost most of my green beans and all of my squash.  All of my pepper plants are doing great and the herbs are also doing fine.  Tomatoes are suffering also as I have had trouble giving them the water they need when it has been real hot.  They really need to be watered twice a day when the heat is high but I have not been able to do that on days that I work.  This bowl has some of the last of my onions, banana peppers, bell peppers, anaheim peppers, jalapeno peppers, string beans, cherry tomatoes and some herbs.  This has all been an experiment to see how well vegetables will grow in the Earth Box planters.  The planters work great but next year I will implement two things that will make a huge difference.  The first is to have plenty of heavy duty supports for the veggies.  A few strings or a stick or two just doesn't cut it.  The second thing I will rig up is an automatic watering system.  Vegetables in planters soak up a tremendous amount of water when it is hot.

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