Thursday, August 16, 2012

Painting and Sanding

Today I spent most of the day painting my living room although I am still not finished.  While painting I noticed spots of water on the laminate flooring.  On further investigation I discovered multiple places where water was seeping up through the seams in the flooring.  Oh oh, not good.  I pulled some of the stuff up and discovered water on top of the concrete.  Now I get to figure out where it is coming from.  During some of the torrential rains we have had recently water has been coming down the bricks of the fireplace so I am thinking that is where it is coming from.  Time to call a roofer as my roofing ability is what I would call 'rudimentary'.  I did get some sanding time in today on a couple of gun stocks.  Both guns are from my early teen years and both were in need of a 'rebuild'.  One is a double barrel 20 gauge shotgun and the other is from a Remington .22 bolt action.  I am going to refinish the wood and I have been tearing down, cleaning and lubricating the working metal parts. 

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