Monday, April 9, 2012


 Well, I thought I would have my solar panels mounted and the electronics mounted inside before the day was over.  I did manage to get the rack for the panels built and the panels installed on the roof but that was it.  Troubleshooting some voltage problems plus not having several connectors and do-dads put the brakes on getting the system up and running.  I will have to wait until Amazon delivers the needed parts on Thursday to complete the installation.  I will also be adding additional panels as money permits.  My plan is to have the 1000 watt sine wave inverter mounted in my 'study', the room which opens out onto the back patio.  This power station will power my desktop electronics including computers, SW radio, scanner, cable and TIVO boxes, printer, stereo and AA battery chargers and lights.
I will also be connecting it to one outlet in the master bedroom and one in the kitchen.  In the event of no grid power we will at least have basic power for lights, fans, electronics and a small microwave.  No air conditioning, heating or electric range on my budget.

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