Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two Frogs

From the archive.  Just a cool antique store near the Virginia/North Carolina state line.  What have I been doing today?  Just sitting inside because of all the rain here and playing with my new Panasonic 25/1.4 lens.  I was going to post some pics here on blogger but I can't seem to get multiple pics to orient correctly on the screen and, in addition, when there is more than one pic in the post you can't click on a pic and get a larger view like you can when there is just one picture.  Until I figure something out (that doesn't require an entire day's work) let me just say the 25 is a wonderful lens, sharp and contrasty throughout its range.  It is probably the sharpest lens that I have ever owned.   The only things that have me on the fence are the price and the size.  Not that it's huge but the pancake 20 is much more to my liking and it is just about as good optically and I actually think I prefer the 40mm equivalent focal length over the 50.  Decisions, decisions.

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