Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sadly, Paul's is no longer in business in downtown Baltimore.

(Panasonic G1 with kit zoom - taken at ISO 100, f5 @ 1/200s)  I really like my G1 but hardly ever use it because I like the in-body stabilization of my Olympus cameras so much.  Just give me a new Olympus, say an E-P4 with a little bit of an upgraded sensor and add a built in EVF like the new Sony NEX7 and I will never have to buy another camera again.  I still love the sweet spot that the micro four thirds cameras fill for me.  It is mostly because of the compact size of the lenses and the perfectly acceptable image quality (spectacular at times).  The NEX series is nice but you are getting those full size lenses that I sold my Nikon gear to get away from.  

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