Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2

I just got my new Samsung Galaxy S2 from ATT today.  I have been using the IPhone 3GS for a couple of years now and was torn about leaving the Apple universe.  Well, so far I am blown away.  The Galaxy S2 is worlds above the IPhone in almost every way.  The larger 4.3" AMOLED screen has to be seen to be believed.  My pic just does not show the major differences in the screen but the AMOLED screen is the best display that I have ever seen.  Blacks are truly black and not a lit up grey like the IPhone.  Colors are rich and vibrant.  It is like night and day.  The Galaxy is longer and a little wider but it is much lighter than the IPhone and is thinner.  It is much faster with a dual core 1.3ghz processor and all apps load and run instantly.  Web browsing is MUCH faster.  With both phones on WiFi and loading the same web page, the Galaxy was more than 3 times faster than my IPhone (like 2 secs vs. 6 to 8 secs.)   The Galaxy also has 4G capability and has NFC on board which will be enabled in the future for financial transactions.   I am more than shocked at what I have been missing with this Android world and this is coming from a real Apple fan.  I seriously can't find one negative about the Galaxy.   Oh, and the camera.  The camera is one of the best I have seen in a phone.  It is 8 megapixels with autofocus and it gives you the option of setting all controls manually such as ISO, metering, white balance, exposure compensation, image stabilization, etc.   The pics I have taken so far today have made me very happy.

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