Sunday, September 9, 2012

Killer Stairs

For the first time in my life, I fell down some stairs.  With all the rain we have had this summer a coating of moss and mildew is trying to grow on everything.  I was going out to check for eggs this morning, threw on some flip flops and opened the screen door.  When my flip flops hit that green moss on the edge of the carpet which was wet from all the rain last night, out went my foot.  I fell on my ass then proceeded to bounce down every step to the bottom step.  It might have been hilarious if it was me watching the event and not being the star of the show.  I thought I was dead for a second.  My butt was on fire, fingers on my left hand felt broken from me trying to grab something on the way down and both heels scraped the concrete.  The sad part is that as I hit the bottom I started looking around to see if somebody had seen me being 'uncool'.  Those stairs and rails are next on the painting list.  I am going to put some kind of non-skid surface down so that doesn't happen again.

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