Thursday, September 20, 2012


Work has taken over my life for three days which caused a little delay in my story.

Once upon a time there was a prince named Sir Patrick.  Sir Patrick was due to take a long voyage to far away lands (England) in less than a fortnight.  He had all of his papers in line for said voyage.  Before leaving on this voyage Sir Patrick decided to visit Sir Thomas, brave night of the Southern Lands.  Sir Thomas was going to introduce Sir Patrick to a new weapons system that uses iron rods with holes through them and small cylinders encasing a grey powder and a lead ball.

While visiting Sir Thomas, and after practicing with the new weapons which made a terrible roar when a small lever was pulled, the two brave Knights decided to return to the castle of Sir Thomas.  While riding down the road Sir Patrick suddenly slapped his thigh saying, "Thou'st mosquitos are very aggressive.  Slapping this one left a huge blood spot on my leggings."  Back at the castle Sir Patrick put his leggings in the washing tub.  After some time he pulled his leggings out of the wash.  Sir Thomas was then met with a terrible lamentation from Sir Patrick.  It seems that Sir Patrick was carrying his travel papers (passport) in his leggings and that the papers were completely ruined by the wash.  Sir Patrick then sent riders to all ends of the kingdom to ascertain if it would be possible to replace the papers before the upcoming voyage.  The riders returned.  Yea, they said, it can be done but only at great expense.  Rush replacement service will be over 500 gold pieces and will require an inordinate amount of substantiating paperwork.  Sir Patrick then sent messengers to his parents, the King and Queen of York, to ask that they supply some of this paperwork.  The riders returned saying that the King and Queen were displeased at the Knight's careless actions but that they would help out.  Sir Patrick returned home and today is at the head of the governmental offices attempting to get replacement travel papers from the bureaucratic quagmire of the Capital.

Wish brave Sir Patrick the Best of Luck.

The moral of the story.  Don't forget Karma.  The killing of the mosquito sent negative reverberations through Patrick's world which resulted in the destruction of his passport and the cost of many dollars.

The first picture is Sir Patrick at his Castle in York
The second picture is the mosquito that started it all
The third picture is Sir Patrick and his messengers trying to figure out how to replace his papers

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