Friday, October 26, 2012

New Old Jeep

This is my 8 year old Jeep.  I just put a 2 inch lift kit on, some new shocks and larger, more aggressive tires.  Finished it off with a new stereo system and some new headlight assemblies to replace the old hazy ones.  That made a huge difference in the way it looks from the front.  I love this vehicle.  160,000 miles on the odometer and it has never required anything but some new tires and oil.  I had much rather spend a little every so often to fix it up rather than get back into making payments on anything.  I used to pay $450.00 a month in payments.  It only took the equivalent of 3 of those payments to pay for all of these upgrades.



  1. The tires rock, man! The moment my dad passed on his jeep to me, switching into aggressive tires was what one of the first things I did. I fairly believe that in a lot filled with bantam cars, your jeep will pale in the background without these. More like the function of shoes to women.

  2. Wow! Upgrading the car made it look fiercer. Are you still upgrading this car? I wonder if you also changed your seat cover, radios, and interiors. Well, just buzz me for some updates about this fancy jeep. Thanks, Thomas!