Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Google Nexus 7

Well, I received a new Google (Asus) Nexus 7 Tablet today and I absolutely love it.  Just like my Samsung Galaxy S2 ended up replacing my IPhone 4S, I am sure this Nexus 7 will replace my use of the IPad.  Granted, my IPad is the original and not the newest version, but the performance of this Nexus 7 surpasses the IPad in every way except screen size.  I love the Android OS and the Nexus 7 comes with the most recent 'Jelly Bean' version.  It is lightning fast and the web browser (Chrome) is probably 3 times faster than my IPad when hitting the same sites.  I really like the 7 inch screen as it is small and light enough to easily hold one handed for extended periods (reading) and the small size is much more conducive to just grabbing and throwing in a bag when heading out.The second picture shows my IPad, the Nexus 7 then the Galaxy S2 phone.  The Nexus screen is exactly as tall as the IPad is wide (in portrait).  If you use the Google Cloud for all your stuff like I do the Nexus 7 is especially nice as it syncs the device with your Google account and gives you immediate access to all your docs, pics, music, calendars and whatever else without having to store it on your device.  The cloud is the direction everything is heading although I still carry some stuff around with me for those disconnected times (and of course I also keep my pics on 3 separate hard drives located in three different places as a backup).  For $200 this thing is a steal!

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