Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chicken Coop

Today I worked on converting the shed to a chicken coop.  I cut a chicken door low down on the side and five windows for ventilation up high on the ends.  Cheap vinyl flooring is on the inside to help with cleanup.  Tomorrow I finish up the vinyl, build some roosts inside, put wire screen over all the ventilation windows and attach hinges to all the cut out pieces so everything can be closed up if need be.  I also have some hurricane damage to fix which is that corner of the roof without shingles and some other broken pieces.  The chicken door will open out into a 15 foot long screened and roofed run which I will be building next.  For now I just need to at least get these chickens into the coop as they are getting overcrowded inside in their tubs.  I think the transfer will happen on Thursday.

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